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Play Private Golf Clubs helps private club members, and public golfers who may be thinking of joining a private club, play private golf courses. We are here to handle your reciprocal play arrangements at over 3,500 private golf clubs within the USA. Don’t leave your clubs at home whether traveling for business or leisure nation wide.

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Welcome members! Play Private Golf Clubs and Reciprocal Golf are here to handle your reciprocal play arrangements at over 3,500 private golf clubs nation wide. Play more private golf clubs! Requesting play is even easier now online because our new reciprocal registry has double the number of practicing clubs listed and is searchable.

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The tradition

We make it easy for you to enjoy the privilege afforded to private club members through the time-honored tradition of reciprocal play. Imagine playing golf at fine private country clubs virtually anywhere in the USA. Because Pete Carlson has literelly played golf all over the US, for over 40 years, he knows a few tricks..

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We get golfers onto more exclusive private golf courses.

“I wanted to create a service that would allow any true golfer who knew how to play this great game “by the rules” to play a private golf course as a guest and to play at that club’s guest rate. I wanted to offer a true reciprocal round of golf!”   Pete Carlson.

and that includes public golfers who are thinking of buying into a private club.
We’ve been doing this for 15 years! 

We also service public golfers who may be thinking of joining a private club.

In order to accomplish that goal, we had to create a private club that would represent such members: 1) private country club members whose own head pro was usually too busy to call another private club and make such a request, or 2) public golfers who were thinking of buying into a private club so they could play other private clubs on a reciprocal play basis. These are the only ways a private golf course can legally offer to allow someone else to play their club!

That is what Reciprocal Golf and Play Private Golf Clubs has offered since 2003!  If you doubt what we can do for you, email our Head Golf Professional, Mr. Pete Carlson, at and ask him if he can get you onto a specific private club (choose one that you would like to play), or name several private clubs that will interest you once you join our club! Pete will be glad to chat with you and answer any questions you may have.  We have helped golfers for over 15 years to learn how the private country club industry operates, and how you may utilize his knowledge to enjoy playing the many private clubs within the USA!

Our Weekend Warrior Membership is $585. Our Business Traveler Membership is $785 for an unlimited number of rounds of golf each year and more.

We bring your head pro closer to you than ever before. You’ll have instant access to him 24/7 once you have joined. We will send you the name of your affiliate home club with Reciprocal Golf. You’ll sign up for a Membership Account and receive instructions how to log in to our listing of reciprocal clubs. We will provide dress code, who to text or call with your reciprocal play requests, etc. 


Play Private Golf Clubs Membership Certificate

As each new Member applies,  and is approved, we will complete and email (his or her) Membership Certificate out to the new member, similar to the certificate shown.  The certificate is 8” by 10”, and suitable for framing in a larger frame, such as 11” by 14”.   Display your Membership Certificate in your home or office for friends and business associates to see and appreciate!  You will be listed in our Member Ledger as a Member of one of our affiliate private clubs. Your service of setting up your reciprocal play at participating private clubs will be provided by Reciprocal Golf, but you will only give the name of your private club when playing at another club.

Pete Carlson

Head Golf Professional

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Thousands of private clubs nationwide

grant members of other private clubs reciprocal play privileges. Play Private Golf Clubs and Reciprocal Golf club members get unlimited access to this list.

So before your next business trip, family vacation, or weekend getaway, check our new searchable reciprocal registry in the members area to see if there is a club where you're going. Then, call us toll free or request play online. We'll take care of the rest...and confirm your arrangements by email, and phone if requested.

Contact Pete Carlson at For all your answers.